Importance of sleep

All-nighters before an exam, late night parties and so many other exciting things that take place in college – it’s easy to see how sleep takes a back seat for college students. Not making efforts to get the right amount of sleep can have major impacts on health and success in school.
However, it is a deprivation of sleep that really does a lot more harm than students realize. Consistently staying up late on top of the strain of a college schedule lowers your immune system and increases your chances of getting sick more often. Sleep deprivation also has an impact on the functioning of your brain. It will cause your memory to suffer. Lack of sleep will also definitely cause problems in logically reasoning and solving problems. Lack of sleep also impacts your blood pressure along with your ability to concentrate.
Sometimes, it is even a difficulty of falling asleep that keeps students on the lower sides of sleep that they actually get in a night. The stress is no secret for a college student, everything that they have going on can definitely add up. High levels of stress are even known to affect student’s sleeping. They stay up tossing and turning all night only to get a couple hours or they don’t even sleep soundly throughout the entire night, waking up several times.
As a college student, you need to be conscientious of the amount of sleep that you are getting. When you are really busy, time management is vital to making sure you still stay healthy. When you aren’t as busy, getting ahead on school work can keep you from being extremely overwhelmed when things get hectic.
Never underestimate the joy of a full night sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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