Importance of thank yous in the job search

The job search process is definitely a complicated one and it can sometimes be hard to know what is the right etiquette for everything within each step of the process. One of the most important steps that often gets overlooked is one that is most influential on the impression that you leave with a company and the people who interviewed you. Sending thank you notes can make an impression that makes you a more memorable applicant.
When you conclude the interview make sure that you get the business cards of the people that you interviewed with. Take notes on the cards about some potential follow up questions or provide detail and context that you could write in an email. Within 24 hours of your interview, make sure you send an email to all of the people that you interviewed with. Write them to express your appreciate but don’t just write the typical “thank you for your time”. Express your interest in the company again and call out something specific from your conversations that you enjoyed and resonated with you. Make sure you spell check the email before you send it – don’t let a silly spelling error potentially be the last thing they see from you.
In addition to thank you email, don’t forget the importance of a hand-written note. Most people in a company get so much email throughout the day that it is overwhelming. Your email could get lost amongst all the noise of their normal inbox. Take the time to write out a nice thank you note that is similar in content to the email that you sent but something else specifically from your conversation. Don’t use the exact same content that you wrote in the email as you did in the card… that person will definitely know and not appreciate your lack of creativity. The power of a hand written note in this digital phase is not something you should skip out on. Send the note within a week of the interview, leaving some time between that and the email.

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