Important Qualities to Have for Fitness Trainer School


What kinds of qualities will you need for fitness trainer school? If you develop good physical fitness, problem-solving skills, and speaking skills, you will be aptly suited to take on and be successful at whatever trainer or instructor job you want after graduation.

Good Physical Fitness

For obvious reasons, it is important that you are very physically fit if you hope to be a trainer or instructor. Number one, your job will require a great deal of exercise. In fact, on some days you may go several hours without slowing down much. This might be especially true if you are a group instructor and teach several classes back to back, as you will be performing the exercises with your clients to make sure they perform all the moves correctly. If you are a personal trainer and work with clients individually you may move around slightly less, but you will still have to demonstrate new exercises to your clients. You should also be very physically fit as a good example to the people with whom you work. Think about it – would you want to hire a trainer for yourself who is out of shape, sluggish, or overweight? Part of the proof that you are a good trainer or instructor will be your own fitness level, as it is a representation of your own commitment to exercise and how well your own methods work. Lastly, you should be very physically fit because by keeping in constant good shape you will learn about new exercises and techniques. This way you will stay on top of industry trends and other developments so you can be the best possible trainer to your clients.

Strong Problem-solving Skills

Most people who come to you for help will be suffering from some specific problem. For example, you might have clients who are very overweight and risk developing diabetes or heart disease. You might have clients who are athletes and are having trouble gaining weight or putting on muscle to help with their performance. Or you might have clients who are feeling sluggish and low energy, but are too busy in their daily lives to come up with an effective exercise routine. You will need to have strong problem-solving skills to know how to help these different groups of people. You will have to take what you learn in fitness school about exercise, lifestyle habits, and nutrition, and turn that knowledge into a plan that will bring the people you work with results. You will have to make decisions about how long to work out and how often, what type of exercises to do, what types of foods to eat and how much. You might also make recommendations in other areas of peoples’ lives, such as how much sleep to get, how much water to drink, ideas on how to quit smoking, or stress relief techniques.

Well- developed Speaking Skills

You should have strong communication skills if you hope to be an instructor or trainer. Your job will include communicating with clients about new exercises, changes to their fitness plan, and he progress they are making on their goals. You should be able to answer all their questions and explain the science behind different exercises if it helps them. You might also have to have strong public speaking skills, particularly if you are going to be in front of a class shouting instructions over loud music to a sizeable group of participants. You should not only be able to get clients to understand different exercises, but also be a strong motivator and help to encourage people to complete their workout to the best of their ability.


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