Beauty school questions

Whether you’re excited or nervous about going to beauty school, you probably have a lot of questions about your future studies. You might be looking to relieve some anxieties about how long it will take you to complete the program or how much it will cost, or you might just be eager to learn more about what you will be studying. Either way, the questions and answers below may help enlighten you before you embark on this next chapter of your professional life.

Kind of Training Does Beauty School Offer?

It depends on where you go and what kind of curricula the school has. You might train to be a nail technician, makeup artist, waxer, or hair stylist. Some schools have all these programs, and others specialize in one specific area, such as hair design. Make sure you thoroughly research any schools you are thinking about attending so you don’t end up at an institution that doesn’t train you in the area you want to study.

How Long Does It Take to Finish Beauty School?

It depends on where you go, but most programs are about nine months to one year. This is far less time than it takes to earn a bachelor’s or even an associate’s degree. Plus, at a lot of schools you will start practicing in salons after only a few classes. This allows you to get a lot of career experience long before you have even been licensed.

What Will I Learn in My Classes?
Even though beauty school trains you for a specific career, classes typically cover a wide range of topics. This might include aspects of hair cutting, styling, coloring, and design; nail care, skin care, makeup artistry, and esthetician and image consulting classes. Depending on where you go, you might also learn about salon management and other aspects of business so that you can go out on your own one day if you would like. The teachers you have are usually respected professionals in their field who can offer you industry tips and teach you about hot products and trends.

Should I Take Advanced Courses?

Before you can think about taking any advanced courses, you’ll need to get a preliminary certificate and become licensed. Advanced classes expand on what you’ve already learned by teaching you more about a given topic, such as hair coloring or theatrical makeup. There are only certain industry positions that require (or at least encourage) advanced learning. If you are sure you want to go into one of these specific specialties, you can give yourself a competitive advantage by doing some additional learning.

How Much Does Beauty School Cost?

It entirely depends on where you go. Smaller schools and private institutions cost more, and schools in certain areas – like New York City – are more expensive as well. No matter what, however, beauty school nearly always costs less than a four-year university and even than a two-year community college. Research institutions and inquire about financial aid, scholarship programs, and the possibility of taking just a portion of the program and getting certified in just one area.


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