Key skills for computer science


There are many good qualities to have that will make you a better worker in the computer science and information technology industry. Luckily, you will have time to develop these skills and an appropriate base of knowledge while you are in school. If, through your schoolwork and work experience you have while you are enrolled, you can become proficient in multi-tasking and problem-solving, you will be more likely to be successful once you land a job. And if you have good concentration skills you will be more productive and work more efficiently. There are other skills and qualities that will help you as well, such as being detail-oriented and analytical.

Multi-tasking Skills

If you work in computer science, you will need to have the ability to work on multiple tasks at the same time. Especially if you end up working in an administrative position, you will have to oversee multiple projects and assignments at once. You might simultaneously be training people in specific software, installing hardware, and collecting data to evaluate system performance. If you are a computer programmer, you might be working in multiple computer languages with different software developers all in one day. And if you are a computer support specialist or other service representative, you’ll have to handle a high volume of calls and work with a variety of customers and clients to solve their problems, which will require you to easily switch between tasks.

Problem-solving Skills

In virtually every computer-related field you could enter into, you will have to develop strong problem-solving skills. A lot of your work will likely include dealing with problems with computer networks, software, hardware, or websites. If you are a web designer, you might have to go back and forth with clients to solve problems they are having with their website. If you manage networks, you will have to troubleshoot problems with those networks and come up with viable solutions. If you work in a support field, problem-solving will be the main part of your job. You’ll spend the majority of your day hearing about clients’ problems and coming up with the best way to solve those issues. You will be able to practice troubleshooting and solving problems in your classes, where you will be trained how to approach issues and take on the best approach for solving the malfunctions or bugs.


Certain jobs in information technology require you to be able to concentrate for long periods of time. For example, computer programmers must be able to sit for many hours and write long strings of code. Other positions might also involve using code or focusing on a particular piece of software or hardware for a long time. Concentration will help you in just about any job you have, as it will help you to get your work done faster and accomplish more in an eight hour day. You can develop these skills while you are in school by focusing on your studies and practicing focusing on schoolwork for long stretches.


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