Impulse Buys

We’ve all been there. You’re at a random store with a friend, trying on clothes, and it’s slim pickings, but you finally find something that fits and is on sale. It was originally $50, but now it’s only $35. 30% off? What a bargain! You’re proud of yourself and you throw it over your arm and head to the check out counter.

Whoa whoa whoa, missy. Let’s think about this.

It’s true that that article of clothing fits. But I need you to go down a checklist before you buy it.

1. Will it have you pulling it up/pushing it down/shoving parts of it left and right every two seconds? If so, put it back.

3. Is it a t-shirt? If so, put it back. Don’t you ever, ever, ever, spend more than $15 on a t-shirt.

4. Can you think of at least three different articles of clothing you already own that you would pair with it? If not, put it back.

5. Does it look like something your mother would EVER wear? If so, put it back. I don’t care how cool your mom is. PUT IT BACK.

6. Does it pair leopard print with stripes? Unless it is done by a name brand, incredibly chic designer, put it back.

7. Does it have to be dry-cleaned? If so, put it back. (Formal and professional wear can be exempted from this rule)

8. Does it look EXACTLY LIKE your 3 other nondescript black sweaters? If so, put it back.

9. Does it show off all your assets and make you look like a total rock star? If not, put it back.

10. Do you absolutely LOVE the way it looks on you and imagine yourself wearing it every single day? If not, put it back.

Got that, ladies? These rules are not meant to restrict you. They are meant to help you not have a closet full of a million quasi-outfits you never wear. Take my word: Shop with more intent. It’ll save you money, and you’ll be happier with your wardrobe.

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