In the defense of the social sciences

My name is Clifton Whittaker and I am studying both Political Science and Physics at Whittier College, a private liberal arts school located near Los Angeles, I hope continue my education after college by pursuing a graduate degree in Engineering. It is my ultimate goal to synthesize my varied professional pursuits by becoming actively engaged in United States energy policy, and work on helping bring the country into the future of energy

In my time studying political science, I have come across many fellow students of mine (especially those who are in the hard sciences) who have belittled or talked down to me about my major of study. While overall I understand a distrust of majors that lack real world application, I do not believe that most social science majors fit this bill. Those students who chose to study a social science major develop interpersonal skills beyond other majors and refine research skills and forge writing skills that will serve them well in every occupation they hold after graduating.
Those who chose to study social sciences such as: political science, sociology, anthropology, and history will come to find that their studies have begot them a series of skills that will bring them success in the future. I have watched individuals add their senior thesis to a graduate school application in order to further their advanced education. I have seen friends take the writing ability they have fostered over the four years as an undergraduate, usually temper through late nights of research and continuous and brutal peer editing and pursue a career in the field of journalism. These are only small examples of the doors that are opened to those who chose to study a social science; there are too many opportunities to name for those who chose to study the social sciences.
Those who chose to study the social sciences will also end up being the individuals who work as social workers, education managers, policy analysts, and congressional assistants. This positions are the cornerstones of systems in which society not only relies, but overall depends on in order to function and progress. Thus the importance of these positions and the studies that lead to their inception are truly paramount to society as a whole. Simply put, by belittling a field of study that leads to such important societal functions it shows a true ignorance.
Moreover, beyond just the skills and opportunities that are open to those who chose to study a field within the social science realm, I truly believe that studying in these fields will create an adaptability that other majors are lacking. As the average person in the world force changes careers several times during their lifetime, studying in a field that creates skills that are adaptable and general will late prove to be advantageous during times of career transference. In the world today, by making yourself open to new challenges you can further insure that you will prosper in the job market. As a degree in a social science means that you have studied a wide variety of topics within your major, it leaves you with more adaptable skills then those who study certain cut and dry fields.
Lastly, I hope to convey my main point more explicitly. Never simply chose a field of study just because you think it will guarantee you a job after graduation. There are to guarantees in the job market of the future, this thought process will simply close you out from a wide variety of opportunities. True success after graduation comes from proving not only did you take advantage of the chances given to you by your education, but that you took time to develop the skills that your field of study required from you in order to prosper. That all being said, don’t even count out the social sciences for there is definitely more there than most people see.

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