Incorporating Trends

Every season the fashion world goes gaga over some new, usually strange, piece. You try your best to ignore it, and yet it worms its way into all of your friends’ wardrobes, so you decide to try it. But how do you wear trends without looking like everyone else?
It’s important to first have a good sense of styling and balance—if you know how to wear basics, then you have a good base for adding trends to your everyday outfits. Start with a basic outfit and then add in small trendy pieces, like a piece of jewelry or a pair of shoes. If you’d rather take on the trend full-force, then pair it with a basic to tone down the trend. The best way to update your look with trends is to stay about 50-50 basics and trends, not go 100% trendy or you’ll end up looking like you don’t have any style.
As a college student, the best option for you is to spice up a basic outfit with trends rather than make trends the focal point and add basics on top of it. This is much cheaper, as the main pieces you’ll be wearing are ones that you already own, and it won’t require you to walk the fine line between updated and trendy. Pick up some trendy jewelry or update a simple black dress or jeans and t-shirt combo, or grab a cute (cheap) pair of trendy shoes to add to your jeans/blazer outfits.
If instead you love one of the current fashion trends are want to fully embrace it, then go ahead and buy a ‘bigger’ piece (dress, top, pants, sweater, etc.). Just make sure that it doesn’t take attention away from you when you wear it, and if you think it is just too much on its own then add in some basics to tone it down. You don’t want to look like a walking fad! Keep the look balanced, and choose only one (or maybe two) trends to follow per outfit. Any more than that and you’ll look silly.
No matter which path you choose when incorporating trends into your wardrobe, don’t spend too much on any trendy piece as it is sure to go out of style within a season. Save the money for your basic items so you can ensure that they look good and last longer.

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