Increase your Chances to get Hired

Becoming a fireman is a competitive endeavor. It is a good job with good pay and benefits. It is usually a job that is recession proof and always needed. You can move almost anywhere and still be a fireman. Some individuals enjoy the comradeship and the non-traditional work hours.
To make your chances of getting hired a little better here are some things to pay attention to. Keep your driving record clean. This means no accidents and no traffic tickets. If you want to stand out from your fellow applicants having a clean record makes a difference. A fire department wants a driver with a clean and safe record to drive around crew and a $300,000 fire engine.
Now is the time to get into excellent physical shape. If you don’t have a physical fitness routine, now is the time to get one. Get guidance from a professional if you need to. You want maximum results and just weight lifting won’t do it. You need cardiovascular and aerobic activities. Cardiovascular and muscular / strength building activities will help you do your job. Eating right also helps to make your body into a fine tuned machine.
If you want to be a fire fighter you should start getting involved in Fire service even now. As a student, you can join organizations that provide more insight into this as a career. Many organizations publish a monthly newsletter that you can register for and study in advance of applications.
These organizations are the State Firefighters Association, the International Association of Arson Investigators, the National Fire Protection Association, and the National Association of EMT’s. By joining several fire-related organizations you are differentiating yourself from other applicants. These magazines and organizations will help inform you about firefighting as a career choice. They can also help keep you apprised of the trends in firefighting ideas and methodology.

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