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When people hear the word “fashion” they automatically think glamour and celebrities. It is very important to level set your expectations of working in the fashion industry before entering it. One should have a realistic view of what your life will be like working in this industry and especially becoming a stylist. It’s a lot of hard work and one should be prepared.

Do your research and make a plan. Decide where you would like to see yourself and map out options of ways to get there. I would advise anyone looking to break into the industry to make sure they have the appropriate background experience and knowledge. It’s key to understand how to work with people from all walks of life.

If you would like to style celebrities for photoshoots you will take different steps like interning at a large fashion publications then you would if you want to work with professional men and women. If you would like to work with professionals you will need to have retail and fashion design experience. It’s important to have the knowledge of fabric, fit and production to be able to speak with authority on clothing and answer any question that are thrown your way.

Find a mentor in that particular niche you would like to enter within fashion styling. You will quickly see what that role entails and can decide if it’s right for you