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Makeup artist

Makeup Artistry is a unique, rewarding, and self- propelled occupation. The first and foremost piece of advice I can offer to anyone considering this occupation is to be motivated! Your passion and desire to learn and succeed will drive your success! It takes a purposefully crafted balance of skill and character to make it.

There are many areas of focus within different industries under the title of Makeup Artist. It is beneficial to determine what area will be your focus to start. What area requires what skill set? Where are you going to get your training from? The joy of working as an artist is the ever-evolving niches that surface throughout your career; once you develop your skill set you can choose or create whatever path you like!

I work in a variety of industries, the bulk of my career has been in the Film and Television Industry. For over a decade I have worked on Union and Independent Feature Films, TV Series and Pilots', for networks including AMC, F/X, NBC. I apply makeup on celebrities and actors, musicians, models, media personnel, corporate professionals, brides, and everyday people looking for insight. I especially enjoy consulting and am always excited to facilitate my next custom how-to makeup workshop. I always enjoy contracts as a makeup educator.

It's all about communication.

Developing a flare for sucessful networking is essential. It truly is all about who you know in the entertainment/media industry!

Who is hiring you? What are they hiring you to do precisely? Learning to communicate your understanding of what the clients' expectations are is integral. How do you ensure you have the information you need to do the job to the best of your ability? Knowing what questions to ask producers is incredibly important.

I wish I had a mentor who could help me recognize the foreshadowing of all of my hard lessons so I didn't have to experience them! To mentor and guide makeup artists is an opportunity that excites me and one I don't take for granted!