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Fashion styling is one of the most popular emerging professions in the fashion world. However, finding work as a fashion stylist is very competitive and one has to work very hard to gain consistent employment in this field. In order to become a successful fashion stylist you must be passionate about fashion and have excellent interpersonal skills. It is important that you undertake a professionally training on colour analysis, personal styling + editorial styling, wardrobe management and personal shopping. After your training you should try to get some experience and practice your styling skills as much as you can! You can start with an internship and slowly build your confidence as a fashion stylist. Once you have gained enough experience you would need to start creating your portfolio/website. In order to attract clients and you will need to use social media and network with likeminded people within the fashion industry.

My career as a fashion stylist began with an invitation to a menswear company, Sherwani King, to work on a photoshoot and the recording of a video, which took place in Dubai. I was the stylist and make-up artist and it was an incredible experience. Working in that vibrant part of the world also gave me a great understanding and appreciation of luxury ethnic fashion. On my return to London, I was involved in another fashion shoot, after I was approached by a photographer at Couchestudio, and I styled both female and male models. By then, I felt the time was right to launch my own personal styling business, but first I took a course in personal styling. During the course I was lucky to have excellent training with a top London personal stylist, a celebrity personal shopper and the international fashion writer Gabrielle Teare. My approach to personal styling is to always pay attention to the quality of the clothes. I firmly believe that less is more and that quality fitted items will always be a winner over a wardrobe that is packed with cheap clothing that does not really suit the person. Great clothing should make everyone look and feel incredible and that is exactly what I help to make happen. I am based in London and I offer my expert fashion stylist services to men and women looking for personal styling as well as wardrobe styling and personal shopping.