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Tips on breaking into the makeup artistry business:
Practice, perseverance, a mind for business and self-promotion are the keys to being a successful makeup artist!
My first piece of advice is to know what kind of artist you want to be. If you are not comfortable with runway or glam try bridal or special FX. This is the way you can find and develop your signature style and start branding yourself.
Know your State law. Do you need to be licensed or not?
Spend time working on a portfolio. It is always good to have a portfolio because, in most circumstances, clients will want to see your work before they book you. You can have your portfolio on your website for potential clients to see. For an example visit my website at
Reach out to local photographers who need makeup artist. That is how I got started in the industry and most photographers are willing to give you the images to build your portfolio for free!
Check with your local salons and see if they are in need of a makeup artist. Many salons offer makeup services but do not have employees that specialize in doing makeup.
Once you feel comfortable with your makeup skills reach out to other local makeup artists to see if you can assist them. Many artists would be glad for some free help and the opportunity to observe a mentor in action is priceless.
When I started in this industry, I tried different looks on myself every day. I tried looks I saw in videos, on family members and friends to learn how to work with different complexions, face shapes and challenges.
Lastly, I made sure to attend classes and conferences to get the insight from pro makeup artists and experts. Every time I attend a class I always learn something new! Make sure to have fun and be passionate about what you do because it will show through your work!