By: Jonaé Nicole

Am I pretty enough?
Is it possible?
Is she prettier than me?
Am I too fat?
Am I too skinny?
Is her body better than mine?
Am I smart enough?
Can I accomplish that?
Is that a reasonable goal?
Do they like me?
Do I fit in?
Why can’t I have those things?
Does she have something I don’t?
Am I funny enough?
Why am I so tall?
Why am I so short?
Am I in control of my life?
Should I do this or that to make others happy?
Why can’t I have hair like her?
Could a woman achieve that, too?
Am I doing something wrong?
Do I have to conform?


Know that you can do ANYTHING. Know that you are BEAUTIFUL. Know that you are UNIQUE. Know that anything you can picture, you can PAINT.

Shut down all inhibitions. Love yourself. Achieve your dreams. If you’re not living each day like your LAST… then you are not living. Live for YOU.

Don’t be a human that was born, but be an INDIVIDUAL who LIVED.

Dream without doubt. Have perseverance equal to infinity. Don’t be the night sky waiting for morning, be the sun that shines light wherever you go.


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