Instantly Upgrade Your Beauty Look

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to makeup, especially as a college student. We have so little time as it is, how could we possibly fit in experimentation with our looks? It’s actually easier than you might think, and won’t cost a lot either. Just changing one thing will instantly update your look!
Bright lipstick is one beauty product that will definitely change up your look. It’s so easy to add at night before hitting a party, but why not try it during the day? It feels risky, but think about the girls you’ve passed on your way to class who are rocking a bright lip—you feel a little jealous, don’t you? Like, ‘how is she pulling that off and why can’t I?’ You can, you just have to give it a try! Be a little courageous and wear that bright red or hot pink to class one day—you’ll be amazed at how confident you feel and how different you look!
Alternatively, try some bright eyeliner. Something flashy, like a gold, purple, or blue. Just add a little either above or under your eye and see how it makes your eyes pop. Again, this is something you would probably think of doing at night before going out, but not during the day. We live in an age where practically anything goes, so why not give it a try? Like with the bright lipstick, you’ll end up feeling super confident just for trying something new, and will probably get a lot of compliments from other girls who wish they had the courage to do what you did!
If you don’t want to go bright on the eyes or lips, then why not up the ante on the mascara? Add a couple of coats instead of just one to plump up those eyelashes and really make your eyes stand out! You may find that this look ends up being easier than whatever beauty routine you had been following before deciding to change it up, because with enough mascara you might be able to ditch the eyeliner altogether!
But maybe you’re happy with your makeup routine and still want to change up your look just a smidge. In this case, I would suggest changing up your hair. Maybe start wearing it pinned back on one side, or add a little volume, or wear some cute bobby pins! Take a half hour one night and try a few different styles out, then pick one that you’ll wear the next day. This is something you won’t have to stick with, like you might with a new makeup routine (otherwise you’ll have new beauty products just laying around=waste of money!). And yet it instantly updates your look and might build confidence, especially with all of the compliments you’re bound to get!

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