In college, there is much more respect for the women who are fantastic academic students than those who dumb themselves down for attention. Getting a good grade on a test is something that all students should strive for at all times because of the many doors of opportunity that good grades will open.

The view on how much intelligence people should exert has been changing and luckily, those views are changing for the better.

It can sometimes be intimidating to others when someone displays their intelligence in class and by answering a teacher’s question or sharing a specific good grade on a test. Some people feel the pressure from your peers to fit in through their intelligence in addition to the way that they look, dress and act.

Students should never feel fear in expressing just how intelligent they are just because of how they think their peers are going to react or even treat them differently. That is what makes you who you are and having the confidence to rock out to that will make you far more attractive as a person. Everyone can agree that confidence is the key to helping people have favorable opinions of you. Intelligence is a fantastic type of beauty that no one can by or take away from you and you should therefore never be afraid to work those talents to their full potential.

Especially in college, the better grades you get the better chances you have for a good scholarship, internship or job throughout your college years and beyond. Smart is sexy because confidence is sexy and people who are confident with their own intelligence are also sexy. Besides, intelligence will out last good looks in the long run.

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