Beauty Ideas

There are so many beauty tips out there that many people are not aware of. Most of these tips are so easy, it would be a shame to not know about them. Here are some of the best tips!

Brows: To keep your brows in shape and in check, all you have to do is grab an old toothbrush or a mascara wand, make sure it is clean, and spraying it with hairspray. Then, brush your eyebrows however you’d like them styled. This trick works wonders!

Toothpaste: Don’t pop your zits! I’m sure you’ve heard that many times. That’s because it is true! Popping your zits is the worst thing you can do, and will usually make them more visible than they already were and even spread more pimples on your face. Before you go to bed, apply toothpaste to your zits to shrink them. Buy an organic toothpaste and watch this trick work magic on your face.

Makeup Remover: If you are out of makeup remover, you can always use body lotion instead. Body lotion works just as well as makeup remover, and works especially great on tough to remove mascara, like waterproof mascara.

Full Lips: A great way to give yourself fuller lips is to apply lip liner that is extended beyond your actual lip line. Then you can apply the lipstick according to the lines you drew. However, be very careful with this one because if you extend the line too far, it will be obvious that you did so.

Flat Iron: Do you want amazing beach waves? All if takes is some sea salt spray and a flat iron. Spray your wet hair with sea salt spray and scrunch with a t-shirt. Do not use a towel because the fibers in the towel make your hair frizzy. Let your hair dry or blow dry while continuing to scrunch with a t-shirt to create waves. Then grab a flat iron and create defined waves with it.

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