Do you speak French? Being able to speak other languages has become increasingly important in any career field. In international business it is not just a good idea, sometimes it is a requirement.
When you work in international business there are common skills and abilities that translate into the international world as well. Business, no matter where located, relies on managerial and leadership skills. Company knowledge is necessary no matter where you are located. An understanding of economies and economics are required.
In addition to your business acumen there are some common skills that will help see you through your time overseas. Have you ever traveled to a foreign country? If not you should do so immediately. Understanding the invariable stress of relocating to a country is important. Your company needs your focus on business affairs and not on how to change your currency.
Trying to figure how to get your rental car changed out, negotiating with banks or laundry workers, every little transaction is heightened in another country. Simple things like phoning the doctor can be problematic. Learn about the culture where you are headed.
Become fluent in two or more languages. One extra language is no longer the norm. To be global you’ve got to get on the field with language. Reading and writing in the language will also help get you through contract negotiations.
Sensitivity to other cultures and traditions is a skill to enlarge. If you are off-putting to your new host country it will be hard to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. If you come across demanding or condescending, your strengths will be hampered. Your new co-workers will notice and appreciate your efforts to learn about them and their country. Don’t discount the sheer civility this gains for your business endeavors.
Look, learn and listen to what your new country has to offer and you might be surprised at how well you do in business too.
Sources cited: Concordia, the John Molson School of Business

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