How do you get that international marketing job in Sydney? Once you make the decision to work in international business, just how do you go about getting employed? This all depends on the company you are working for or where you want to work. How to get an international business job also varies according to your position or title.
If your desire to work overseas comes in advance of you securing the job, there are a few things you can do. Taking the incentive to acquire that first foreign job makes you a stronger candidate for future foreign postings.
For instance, many young workers find short-term work overseas, often while they are still in school. Maybe you take a summer assignment in Brazil. Or over the winter holidays you set up work in Guatemala. Often taking a year off and working abroad, even in a simple job, can provide time to settle on a career path and broaden your horizons.
Taking a temporary position in a service job allows you to immerse in a new culture. Learn the idiosyncrasies of your host country. Brush up on your language skills including writing and reading in the foreign language. Networking and making new contacts in the country will grow your Rolodex plus you will have ready-made foreign references when you return for a career position.
There are several websites available that can get you started on job postings overseas. Employment listings range from international business internships to teaching positions. You can take positions in nursing posts if you have your certificate or sign up for au pair hiring’s. Placement agencies also help you find and navigate overseas openings. They also provide some counseling on cultural differences and potential problems.
You don’t have to wait to get hired; you can seek your own position in international business.
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