You can start your international job this summer. That’s right; you don’t need to wait for a corporate job or an industry in Russia to hire you. Taking a short-term international job will give you insights when you later transition into an international business career.
Look for programs abroad that use a strong support network and have impeccable track records. Talk to alumni of these programs to get the inside scoop on what really happens, how you get paid and any pitfalls to look for and prepare in advance.
These short term international positions can be teaching English, looking after children or interning in a related field. Many of these jobs offer a small salary and / or a stipend. Some positions cover room, board and even airfare. Au pair jobs are particularly keen on this method. Japanese companies pay English instructors about $44,000 a year.
The point of these types of international jobs is they ready you for future career oriented positions. While there, you can network with people and companies for future opportunities.
Identify your goals before you jump into the short-term assignments. Knowing what you want to do with your future will help you choose wisely. If one day you’d like to join the Exchange in Australia then teaching English in China will not necessarily benefit you. Except to show you have foreign travel experience, you’d be better suited to look in Australia from the start.
After picking the country, analyze your current financial position and what your expectations are for pay and housing in the foreign country. Be flexible so that when unexpected opportunities happen you can grab them. This includes while you are overseas.

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