Internship to Career Job: Four Essential Steps

You’ve landed a great internship (or two or three), learned a lot and had fun. Now what? Hopefully you’ve found the industry you absolutely love and want to start climbing the ladder. Follow this easy guide to landing the career job you crave!
1) YOU are your best resource – It’s easy to tie yourself to a company, a mentor, an idea that’s not your own. But be cautious. Things can change so quickly. When you invest in you, such as designing and writing your own blog or joining a support network of professional women, you will be enriching your best resource. A fully developed employee is way more versatile than one who is one-dimensional.

2) Stop comparing yourself to everyone else – Yes, your freshman roommate just landed the ultimate summer job in the city. Yes, your sorority sister was just accepted into that amazing program you were rejected for. Try not to get caught up in a destructive game of comparison. There will always be someone smarter or luckier than you. But there’s only one you.

3) Social Circles change – The transitional time of college to your working life can be tough. You may feel like you have to maintain all the same social ties you had in the early years of college. At the same time, you’ll undoubtedly be making new friends and developing professional relationships in your new life. It’s essential to find the right balance for you if you start to get pulled in too many directions.

4) Balance is key – It may be tempting to put in the long hours every single week and ignore your usual gym schedule and weekly home-cooked meals. But that pasty look of your skin and those bags under your eyes and your low energy are definitely telling you something. Take care of yourself and you can push through at work when you need to.

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