Brittany is a graduate of Boston College. She studied English and Theatre
Arts, and currently works as a freelance writer, tutor, and performer. She
lives in the Pacific Northwest.

These days, internships are a pretty standard stepping stone for college juniors and seniors looking to get some experience in their field before graduation. Though it can be stressful to think about, and sometimes difficult to attain an internship, there are some helpful resources to assist in your search.


First of all, there are tons of great websites that keep track of specific internships at all kinds of companies. The most popular of these is probably, but there are plenty of other online resources available to you. Most regular job search websites include an internships tab, so that you can search specifically for a job that will provide you with college credit. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, you can create one and use it to apply to internships, as well as opting into email alerts when particular companies you like are hiring. Alternately, you can research your major or field of study and find a particular company for which you’d like to work. This way you can apply directly through the website of that specific company.


Secondly, your university most likely has a career resource center, aimed at advising students about how to proceed with a career and plan for life after college. There is most likely an entire staff ready to advise you and provide information on a variety of internships. Taking this route is especially helpful because the staff at your resource center will know which companies are likely to hire students from your particular university. This resource center can also take a look at your resume, or assist you with writing one, if you have not already. The same goes for organizing a cover letter or a letter of interest.


Though it can be a lot of work acquiring an internship, completing one can be hugely beneficial when applying for future jobs. Making use of online and campus resources will increase the odds that your internship search will be successful.

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