Masters in Film Studies


For those students looking to further their education even more past the undergraduate level, a Masters in Film Studies may be the next step for them.  This degree takes what the student learned in previous studies and delves even more into central aspects of film studies.  Students will take students into intensive research in film theory, history, film genre, individual directors and their influences.  They will take what they learned in undergraduate film studies and dig deeper.

A Master’s Degree can be obtained in approximately two years, considering the student would take two courses per semester.  Enrolling in Master’s programs may involve more than enrolling in undergraduate film studies, depending on the institution and the reputation and ranking it holds.

Students entering this program are normally individuals who have been out in the field and have not been in the classroom setting for several years.  An online master’s program works well with this schedule because online courses can be taken to coincide with the student’s life, work or personal.

Online Master’s in Film Studies program are more than just online webinars and sitting behind a computer screen.  Students are expected to research different areas of film theory but also be able to discuss and engage in critical discussion in these areas.

A Master’s Degree in Film Studies is an excellent way to step into the teacher role, as many institutions are looking for teachers who advanced education in this area.  This area is one of the fastest growing in higher education.   Students who obtain a Master’s Degree are able to teach at the community-college level and are prepared for a doctoral program should they wish to continue.

Stepping into an area that is quickly growing and increasingly relevant industry, students will be embarking on quite the journey. It takes dedication and passion to continue on to a higher degree in film studies, but the journey is worth the personal challenge.

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