Is College Actually Worth It?

With the tough job market making it harder for new graduates to find a job, you might ask yourself if college is really worth it. Investing so much time, money, and hard work requires real soul searching on your part to make sure it’s right for you. A college degree is not a guarantee to success. You have to evaluate if college will really help you get to your end goals. Also, once you are at college, you have to utilize your time and get the most out of it.

Earn a Bigger Paycheck

If you navigate college correctly and if you pursue internships and jobs to boost your resume, then yes, college does give you the opportunity to earn more money. There are companies and job positions out there that won’t even talk to you unless you have a college degree. With a degree in your pocket, you have the chance to work smarter, not harder, and earn some really great money.

Get a Good Job

Again, a degree does not guarantee a good job just on its own. How you navigate your time at college and your career in combination with the right degree for you does. College does set you up for the ability to qualify for higher positions in companies. The higher the position, the more responsibility, and the more responsibility, the more choices you make at work. Control over our daily lives runs parallel to how happy we are with our situation.

If we’re happy at work, we have a tendency to think we have a good job.

Expand Your Horizons

College will challenge your thoughts and opinions about pretty much everything you ever thought about or had an opinion about. Your professors will constantly encourage you to think something through very carefully and thoroughly. They will insist that you do not regurgitate quotes from experts in their fields, but instead will ask you what you really think after you have done the research. They will even encourage you to disagree with the experts. This learning experience will expand your horizons and quite possibly change you, but for the absolute better. You will be a more powerful person because of it.

Learn to Think

As your professors expand your horizons with new thoughts, what they are doing is teaching you to think for yourself. Until college, you have been told what to do either by your teachers or your parents. Now you have a professor who will tell you to question everything. This is a powerful gift. A lot of people, even adults, automatically do as they are told because that’s all they were ever taught. After you’ve learned the ability to think for yourself, you will have moments when you are the only one who thinks, wait a minute, that doesn’t make sense, I better look into that myself. There is a lot of power in that.

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