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Women: how to have fun, while staying safe


Picture this. You finally move out of your childhood home and into the big world, also known as your college dormitory. It is quite an adjustment, with roommates, coed dormitories, and especially, in most cases, no longer having a curfew. Classes begin, and after a long week of schoolwork, the weekend finally arrives. The text messages begin. “Party at my place. Here’s the address…”and “Meet at the bar/club at 10!”Everything seems to be going fine, but it just takes one person, one time, to mess that all up.


The talk of the town is a new nail polish that helps women detect whether or not their drink has been tampered with at a party. Four male students in the Materials Science and Engineering department at North Carolina State University have created a nail polish that will change color when in contact with different drugs that are often found known to drug women. To name a few, Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB. All the woman has to do is stir her finger in her drink, and she will quickly be able to tell, due to her nail polish, if her beverage is safe.


According to Higher Education Networks, the inventors explained that they had all been close to someone who had been through this terrible experience, and that is what sparked their invention. While this is still a campaign in progress, and in the process of getting on the shelves, their website is up and running, and can be found here


Students, and adults alike, should not hide away in fear, but simply be responsible and take the necessary precautions when going out. The Center for Family Justice explained in their recent studies that alcohol is the number one drug used to facilitate a sexual assault. College campuses are targeted, and research shows that rape which takes place on campuses, alcohol is being used in 90 percent of cases.


As scary as it may be ladies, you can never be too safe, but you can be informed on ways to protect yourself and others. Keep your friends close, be careful who you trust, and especially, like every news report, and mom’s as well say, do not leave your drink or yourself alone. With something as simple and fun as a nail polish to help you, all women need to do now is watch out for one another.


When drinking, it is common for girls to quickly become new “best friends”with someone they literally just met that evening. What can we say, girls are friendly people. However, it is so important to leave with whoever you arrived at the event with. According toThe Center for Family Justice, nearly two thirds of women (thirty-eight percent) who have been date raped, have reported that they had prior relationship with their attacker. Make sure your friends know where you are at, if for whatever reason your group gets separated, and simply meet up before all going home.


College parties don’t have to end up like this and don’t need to be a stressful time, if everyone thinks before they act, and take every precaution necessary to stay safe throughout the night. Parties are meant to be fun and social gatherings to meet new people. By knowing ways to be safe, women will be able to have a good time all together.

Girls’nights out don’t have to a worrisome night. Grab your heals and your girls, and go out for a fun night.







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