Am I intimidating to guys

Confidence is a great thing for women to have. It is wonderful if you are a smart, beautiful, and confident single woman. It is healthy and great to know that with or without a man by your side, you are confident and sure of who you are and of your capabilities and worth. However, too much confidence can cause you to be unaware of your body language. Your body language may be what is keeping you from meeting a really great guy and a potential future partner.

While it is important to be yourself and to exude confidence, it is also important to appear open to others. If you appear too confident, it can be intimidating to men who were possibly thinking of approaching you. It is hard for someone to get to know a person when they appear as if they do not want to get close to anyone. Body language is an important thing for women to let a man though that while she is sure of herself and knows her worth and value, she is also willing and open to meet new people and possibly let them in and get to know them.

A great way to show a man that you are confident but not scary is to put a smile on your face. Keep a pleasant smile on your face that shows everyone around that you are self-confident and you are happy. Instead of appearing to be scary to be around and talk to, you now appear to be approachable and friendly.

Be conscious of the body language you are showing the world. Guys have the really hard job of making the first move, striking up intelligent and witty conversation, and trying to show women they are interested in getting to know them. Make their job a little easier by being approachable.

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