Getting too comfortable in a relationship

By Amanda Reese

We all can’t wait for the moment when there is no longer an awkward moment between us and our significant moment. We glorify the point in the relationship when we are able to eat dinner without awkward pauses and run around the house with no pants on. Who would not love to be himself or herself around the person they care for? It’s great to be comfortable with the person you have chosen to spend most of your time with.

But what happened when things get too comfortable?

Everyone has there own pet peeves—the towel in the middle of the bathroom floor or hair in the sink—but it’s the level of comfort beneath that. It’s the point when you begin to feel uncomfortable with how comfortable your partner is around you.

At what point do you still try to “impress” the one you’re with?

You remember, like in the beginning when you two first started dating. You hair was always curled and makeup always done. You wore your best heels even if they hurt. His clothes were always ironed and hair neatly combed just the way you liked it. He even went as far to wear your favorite cologne.

Sometimes you have to take the initiative and begin to add the glam back into your relationship. Buy a new fragrances or wear his favorite outfit. Get out of the house and enjoy and a date night with just you two.

It will not go unnoticed.

If he still does not get the hint? It’s okay ladies! Just talk to him about it. Many times we get upset and don’t need to be. Men are very literal beings, so sometimes, you literally have to spell out what you want. If they do not know what you want, you will get the same results.

Make sure you are clear with what you are saying. Don’t beat around the bush. Let him know, “Hey, sometimes I just want to sit out back with you and talk about our day.”

You have to keep the relationship fresh, even if you two are comfortable enough to talk with your mouths open to one another. Don’t wait until later to get your point across either in hopes that maybe he will eventually catch on. Too much comfort often turns into complacency and disregard.

That always leads down a bad road of contempt, despise and isolations– with very little hope of ever returning. If you wait too late that comfortable state soon becomes habit and we all know how hard it is to break those.

Remember, communication is key. You don’t have to change your entire routine, just add a little spark to it here and there.

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