Transition from high school to college

By Jennifer Wilford

In life, the things that mold us are the things that make us the strongest. This is so true when it comes to Jennifer Wilford. A soft-spoken soul with the huge talent, Jennifer’s beginning was humble and scripted. As a youngster, she spent the majority of her time singing in the choir. She learned how to look concentrate on a higher being and summon her own personal strength; a personal direction that has gifted her with specialties known to few.

Jennifer Wilford started JeDesignsGraphx in 2007, working solely on Faith. She used a simple formula in which she gives her success credit to, and that is: “Before I begin any project, I say a prayer asking God to bless my hands to create a project that my client will be completely satisfied with”. Je’ as she is affectionately known, enjoys working with brand new start up companies. It allows us to work from start to finish with the business owner, artist or author- from its early stages until the business or product is up and running. We take pride in listening and truly valuing the customer’s input. God has proven favor with Jennifer, as her Graphic Business was started based on God’s vision that he placed in her hands.

Jennifer is also a Gifted Author, Speaker, Aspiring Model and a soul reborn built to infuse her talents and professionalism into those who seek her services and knowledge of life. When the spirit of God is upon us, the shadow cast is one of purpose and desire to affect the lives of others. Never has the aforementioned been so true, as it is with the “Power Reborn” in the soldier restructured into Jennifer “Je” Wilford, a kind spirit in the making! She never misses an opportunity to help those around her understand the “direction” which lies within!
Take a moment to read her story. Her book, Blessed Therapy is available at and
It All Starts Here
By: Jennifer ‘ Je’ Wilford

The transition from high school to college can be a difficult one. Your 1st and 7th hour teachers are no longer there to guide you through class and your geography teachers are no longer concerned about you turning in your homework assignments on time. You are now officially an adult. In college, you are responsible for yourself and making your own decisions. It can be overwhelming, but don’t be afraid…instead be prepared.
College a is place where forever friendships blossom and bonds are created. You can become involved with educational or music clubs or even pledge a fraternity or a sorority. All of which can help you with finding your place on campus: but if not approached correctly, it can also crush one’s self esteem when trying to find validation or creating your own identity.
Walking onto a college campus for the very first time, can also be thrilling! You have your first taste of freedom, independence and the opportunity to discover who you really are. There will be times you will feel unsure of yourself and you may become very critical of every little detail in your life. But, don’t allow this to discourage you, instead find out what makes YOU happy and build from there. Here are a few tips to help you along the way!
Visualize and Act on What you See
Have you ever heard of the phrase, “See yourself in the future” ? This is very true. Sometimes, we have to trade places with our present, so we can be able to grasp what’s in store for our future. Everything we see right now, won’t remain the same forever, as life is a forever changing paradigm. If there are things you want to accomplish in life, then you must remain focused and strive to achieve those goals. Keep a journal of your progress and continue to move forward. Never look back, unless you are trying to remain there. In a car, you have a rearview mirror, which is a small rectangle. It is small for a reason, because whatever is behind you has no match for what is in front of you. The windshield allows you to see the big picture, and all that is in store ahead of you. After each accomplishment, celebrate your success! It’s the very small things that can turn into big rewards.

Find the Reason to be Inspired
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Inspiration is defined as something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create; a force or influence that inspires someone. Isn’t this an awesome thing? To be an inspiration to someone means you have had an impact on their lives and it gives them the courage to find the good within themselves to push forward. But when you can find your own inspiration, this will give you a strength like no other. Dig deep down within yourself and find out what makes you tick, what makes you want to be so successful in life, that nothing will stop you. When you discover that energy within, grasp it and allow it to become your leverage and then it propel you to walk into your destiny.

Discover Who You Are
There will be people who will try to tell you who you are without even knowing your story or why you have become the unique individual you are. You will make mistakes, you will fall, but it is how you get back up that counts! Try not to allow yourself to become stressed about everyday issues you have no control over. No one said becoming a responsible adult would be an easy task. Instead work on things you can fix. At the end of the day, only you can decide what is best for you. No one can live your life for you other than you and your happiness is all that matters.

College is a stepping stone that can lead to a path that will take you anywhere you want to go in life. The key is preparation. When you are fully prepared, all you have to do is lift your wings and soar! It all starts here…with YOU!

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