It is all about the merchandising

Fashion is ultimately a business, and for many, the business end is exactly what draws them to the fashion industry. Behind this business side is merchandising, which includes all functions needed to run a successfully operation that develops, promotes and sells goods in the fashion industry. While not a separate subject in and of itself, students can specialize in merchandising by taking extra courses in the matter or pursue a certificate.
Merchandising classes will educate students on buying, marketing, promoting product, and retailing, which can lead them to successful careers in the fashion business. In order to have a successful business, you need to know how to draw people in and sell your product.
Classes will focus on researching and analyzing fashion trends in order to develop successful marketing strategies and new and innovative products. Students will be able to effectively conduct a fashion business analysis as well as a business plan for a successful sales campaign, financial plan and marketing plan.
An off-shoot of merchandising is visual merchandising, which is the actual physical method of promoting the product to increase sales. Visual merchandising is the creative aspect of sales, working on floor plans, window displays, store lighting and graphics to sell product and catch the eye of a fashion customer. For students focusing on visual merchandising, classes will focus on design, effective presentation skills, display and an understanding of buyer’s wants and needs.
Careers in merchandising include store managers, buyers, divisional buyers, management, creative director, product manager, and sales and marketing. For an aspiring fashion student who is looking to open up his or her own fashion business, studying and mastering merchandising will lead to a successful business and career.
Academy of Art University, Online Education:

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