It May Not Be your Dream Job But You Can Get a lot Out of it

Alexis is a recent graduate of Providence College with a BA in English and a writing minor. She has been working as a Client Service Specialist with a bank for almost two years. At college she participated in the school news paper, radio station, and was president of the sports department of the schools television station. After college she went on to continue her education by getting a certificate in media production and is currently working on earning her MBA. ​

Most people don’t get their ideal job on the first try, so why not make the most of it? Hey, if they are going to get some of your best years, might as well get as much out of it as possible, right? Most large companies will offer a good 401k, first step is finding out how much they match. That’s free money you may not get until you’re retired, but imagine this… way in the future, you wake up without a care in the world and have enough money to spend on that Fiji trip next week without worrying that it will be gone before you die… now make sure you are contributing as much as they match. It might take a couple years to get, but there is always a possibility you’ll stay with the company long enough to collect it. Other great opportunities, in order to squeeze every drop out of your employer, are seeing what they offer in perks. Maybe special discounts to restaurants or a cheaper cell phone plan, even gym memberships can be offered. If you’re one of those good natured people, see what their policy is on volunteering; you could get paid time off for it…that is in addition to vacation time…I’ll admit it, sometimes I would rather build a house than sit behind a desk. The best part is that they could pay for your higher education. Thinking about that master’s program? Go for it! They are paying for you to get paid better, and you can’t pass that up.
Another thing to scope out is all the different areas of a company. For the lucky few that start out in the position of their dreams and have the ladder of success sitting next to their desk…well congratulations! Let me know what it feels like, I would like to live vicariously through you…for the rest of us, the ladder may still be there, but on a different floor. A lot of big companies have divisions elsewhere or may outsource certain jobs to other companies. If it is a good company, then the benefits and perks may follow you, but look into it. Contact someone on that end and just jokingly bring up in conversation if they still get the golden treatment on the other side of the fence. Just don’t get stuck thinking that just because the sign on the door says “Bank,” that all you will be doing is handling money.
The final thing to remember is to treat your job like you treat an ex…know what you like and what you dislike about it, make a mental note and know to keep that on the check list for the future. If your boss is hands on and you would prefer their hands go nowhere near you, then know that for next time. If your job is right in the city and you have to walk to work every day because traffic is horrible, but your legs are looking slimmer and those jeans you didn’t fit into after that freshman fifteen look amazing, that might be on the check list for the next job. Remember you are young and in a higher demand when they know you can hold a job after college, never feel stuck, or let anything hold you back. Just think of it as a trampoline instead of a boulder to climb over because you have to use what you have and not let it hold you back.

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