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Zoe is a senior at the University of Hartford, studying Communication Media Studies, International Relations and is minoring in music theory. World travel enthusiast, member of the Phi Mu sorority and passionate writer, Zoe has worked as a News Editor for a newspaper, alongside with her audio and editorial internship at ESPN in Bristol, CONN. She is currently preparing to graduate and enter the real world and looks to pursue a law degree. Zoe has traveled to 25 countries and hopes to change the world one step at a time.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire and the constant sound of jingling bells are echoing the streets and walkways, continuously reminding us that it is finally, at last, the admirable holiday season. ’Tis the season to be jolly, right?
Of course, it is easy to say that the holiday season is the most exciting time to reunite with old friendships and family, to finally relax and enjoy the plethora of Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa gifts that await.
But is the holiday season simply called the “best season” to cover the fact it is the most stressful, inconvenient and unbearably freezing period of the year?
New England students can relate to the fact that the inconsistent weather can be incredibly overbearing at times. While I am not really a believer in global warming, I do understand that scientifically, the ice caps are melting and the climate is changing globally.
But taking a look at the specifics, it looks as though this will be a fairly wet winter. Scientists and weather experts predict that this winter will have a 75 percent chance of El Nino being present, causing the massive amounts of warm fronts to occur by Peru and the equator. This phenomenon will cause wet, stormy outcomes especially in the Northeast, but it all depends on timing.
Jillian MacMath from states, “Cold air will surge into the Northeast in late November, but the brunt of the season will hold off until January and February. The polar vortex, the culprit responsible for several days of below-zero temperatures last year, will slip down into the region from time to time, delivering blasts of arctic air.”
While I am a lover of all seasons, I feel at my utmost unstable and uncomfortable stage (both literally and figuratively) with the return of the dreaded black ice and unforgivable snowstorms at inconvenient times. Dreaming of a white Christmas is a common occurrence among those who do not mind the snow. But don’t forget about those who must travel and worst of all shovel.
The most important thing to keep in mind during the winter season is to keep a shovel and brush in your car. I cannot stress enough how hard it is to find a shovel in times of need. Living in the Northeast, warm and cold weather alternate more frequently then Lady Gaga does with her bizarre outfits at award ceremonies.
This season looks like it won’t be as terribly freezing as last year, thank goodness, but always remember the inconsistency that comes with living in this region. I could only wish for a guide that provides me with each day’s weather forecast in advance to prepare for outfits and my hairstyle for that selected day. Then again, that takes away the mystery of the future.
The holiday season is supposed to be a time of celebration and good sprit. While it’s important to celebrate with friends and family, make sure you are prepared for the wicked amounts of snow that may come our way. Hopefully, the snow won’t prevent Santa from sending out all of his gifts.

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