Jewelry: The Icing on the Cake

A cake is not complete without icing, and your look is not complete without jewelry. Taking the time to put on jewelry really makes your ensemble complete. With a bold statement jewelry piece, it can “make” the entire look. Just be sure to only do one bold piece of jewelry per outfit; anything more and it will appear gaudy.

Earrings are fun to make your focal jewelry piece because there are so many options. From hoops to studs to dangling, there is such a variety. Your wallet permitting, gradually purchase one set of earring in every color; then you’ll be set no matter what color your clothes are. As with making any outfit, make sure your jewelry complements your attire rather than matching it.

Earrings are also a fun place to go a little daring with. Get two or three holes in each lobe and/or one or two in your cartilage. Just remember that even though that piercing seems so small and even if you try to let the skin heal over it later in life, you will always have a hole or a mark there from the piercing. Just keep that in mind if you’re considering a nose or eyebrow piercing. Your future employer might not be too keen on those too.

While earrings can sometimes lose their center spotlight due to curtains of hair, necklaces are always front and center, making them fantastic statement pieces. A bunch of necklaces together can look interesting and bold, but it can be difficult to decide what to pair together. Instead, opt for the necklaces that have multiple “ropes” but that are connected together. This makes it easier to wear too, so you won’t always be pulling clasps to the back of your neck. Bold chokers are great with tops where the neckline isn’t too high; you don’t want the two competing. For plunging necklines, go for a pendant necklace, which draws the eye down.

Bracelets, especially cuffs, can make a dramatic statement too. In general, it looks best to only have a bracelet on one wrist and let the other stay bare. As with necklaces, multiple bracelets are trendy together, but the ones already connected together are easier to wear.

Rings can be statement pieces, but it’s much more difficult to find a ring that’s dramatic while not being tacky. You may just have to wait for the engagement ring for this one!

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