Industrial engineer job description

What is an industrial engineer? An industrial engineer is a professional who will devise ways to eliminate wasteful methods when it comes to production. They will design, develop, and test systems for managing workers, machines, and materials as efficiently as possible. Other responsibilities of an industrial engineer are: communicate with superiors and other personnel on any new developing designs and production plans, estimate the cost of production and find alternative ways to bring the cost down if it is not cost efficient, and above all else, promote efficient utilization.
What are the education requirements? Like all other engineering professions and careers, it is extremely important to complete your college education and receive a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field. These related fields could be logistics, industrial engineering, or even business management. If you wish to pursue more advanced positions down the road in your career, it is ideal to also earn your master’s degree in the related field. So even if you can’t pursue graduate school right away, you should consider applying in the future to open up all potential job prospects.
You can and should also consider becoming certified in different specialties. There are some states that will require that you need to be certified or licensed in order to apply for employment. If you are unsure of what your state’s regulations and requirements are, it’s always best to take the time to do some research. Like your profession, you want to get the most work done while working as efficiently as possible.
What skills should you possess if you want to work as an industrial engineer? Industrial engineers need to have a strong foundation in mathematics and science. They need to think creatively, have social perceptiveness, good judgment skills, and also strong decision-making skills. These all will come in affect when you try to develop better methods for more efficient production methods. You should also have strong communication skills. Being able to explain and discuss your concepts with client, employees, and superiors is extremely important.
What is the pay and work environment like for an industrial engineer? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the yearly median pay as of 2012 was $78,860. As for the work environment, it can vary for an industrial engineer. They can work in an office or spend time on location at the areas they are trying to improve.

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