Social worker job description

Those who wish to be social workers must realize and understand that they play an important role in a person’s life. As a social worker you will work with clients and lend them the support they need through their tough situations. You must also ensure that extremely vulnerable people such as children or young adults are also protected from any ill will or harm that may come to them. A social worker means you will act as a guide and maintain a professional relationship with your clients. It will be your responsibility to aid and help create conditions that will be fitting for social functioning. At times you will be required to make certain difficult decisions based on your unbiased judgment.
In order to be successful at what you do as a social worker, you will need to understand human behavior and development. You will need to understand and link how cultural and economic backgrounds affect and develop a person. Besides understanding behaviors you will also be socially perceptive of those around you. Being able to read behaviors and body language will aid you in developing relationships with your clients and to understand them better as a person.
In the world of social working, there are specialization you can focus on in your career. Within the field, you will be required to know a different set of skills and knowledge depending on who you are working with. While the skillsets may differ, you will still be required assist and aid with your client’s issues dealing with poor social circumstances, trauma, and/or disability. If you love children or wish to work with families, then perhaps you should specialize in family, child, or school social working. You will be working with people and children who have dealt with abuse or neglect, among many other difficult situations. If you wish to help those with ailments or chronic diseases, then perhaps you should look into being a public health social worker. Your duty here is to help patients cope with their diseases. Another specialization in social work is addictions and mental health. Here you will be dealing and supporting those who have been struggling with drug addiction or mental health issues. It is your responsibility to provide support and help them to get back on track by connecting with people and institutions that can help their cause.
Depending on what specialization you are, your work environment can vary. You can work in mental health clinics, schools, human services agencies, hospitals or a private practice. Most work full-time with some irregularity in your schedule where you will have to work some holidays, evenings, and even weekends.
Being a social worker is not an easy profession to be in. In fact it can be very challenging since you will be making judgment calls for other people who cannot make their own choices in the moment. Alongside the decision making, there will be times where you or your co-workers can be in the media spotlight if something goes wrong. Having thick skin and the ability to remain professional at all times will help you through these difficult situations.

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