Jobs Similar to Architects

If you have considered becoming an architect or architectural drafter, you likely have an interest in construction and design. If this is the case, you might also want to think about becoming a construction manager, interior designer, or civil engineering technician.
Construction Managers
Construction managers are responsible for planning and budgeting construction projects, as well as coordinating and supervising all activities at a construction site. They start by preparing estimates at giving recommendations for timetables, and then interpret contracts and technical information for other people in the field. They have clients that they have to report progress to, and they have to deal with delays or emergencies if necessary. They schedule all activities and make sure that the construction complies with all legal codes and regulations. Construction managers work closely with architects and engineers to make sure that the design is brought to reality accurately and efficiently. A lot of people in this occupation have bachelor’s degrees, but you could also become one with just a high school diploma if you have construction work experience. You could also be hired for smaller jobs if you have an associate’s degree. Construction managers average about $82,000 a year in salary, although some make as little as $49,000, and others make more than $144,000.
Interior Designers
Interior designers focus on the inside of residential and commercial buildings and work to make the spaces both functional and beautiful. Just like architects, interior designers have to know how to read blueprints and follow building codes and regulations. Their responsibilities include finding and bidding on projects, talking to clients about their goals and requirements, and studying how people will use and move in a space. Once they are prepared, designers sketch ideas for how they can decorate a room or building and then shop for a wide range of materials, from furniture and flooring to lighting and plumbing fixtures. Also like architects and architectural drafters, interior designers use computer programs to visualize and make changes to their designs. They need to have good time management and budgeting skills to make sure that their projects are finished in a cost-effective and timely way. Although many interior designers have bachelor’s degrees, there are a number of associate-level programs for hopeful designers seeking a two-year degree. On average they make around $47,000 annually, although the potential salary for people in the occupation ranges from $25,000 to $87,000.
Civil Engineering Technicians
Civil engineer technicians work with civil engineers to design and construct bridges, highways, utilities, and other large infrastructure projects. They might help with the development of land, residential, or commercial structures. Their responsibilities include reading blueprints to determine dimensions, preparing plans and evaluating conditions, and inspecting and evaluating construction sites. They also help test materials in laboratories, ensure that projects stick to the plan and follow codes, and estimate costs for different systems and facilities. They might also prepare documents and reports about various data and activities. Most technicians have an associate’s degree in civil engineering technology from an accredited program. They make between $30,000 and $72,000 a year, with an average of about $47,500 annually.

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