Jobs Similar to Bartending

If you are considering becoming a bartender, you might want to consider some other professions as well. There are other jobs out there that have similar components to their work, such as taking payments or preparing drinks. Three other occupations you could think about are becoming a waitress, working in food preparation, and becoming a cashier.
Food and Beverage Servers
Servers work in restaurants and perform a number of duties related to food preparation, custodial work, and customer service. Servers might also work in other eating establishments, such as cafes and cafeterias. Servers greet customers, answer questions about the menu and make recommendations, and take both food and drink orders from customers. Like bartenders, they may be responsible for taking alcoholic drink orders and delivering them to patrons. Some servers also prepare items themselves, such as by pouring drinks or making sandwiches and salads. Others relay the food orders to kitchen staff and then pick the items up from the kitchen and take them to the appropriate table when they are ready. Many servers also help clean and restock the restaurant or other establishment. How much you could make as a server varies based on where you work, but the average is $8.84 an hour. Serving only requires some on-the-job training – you don’t even need a high school diploma!
Food Preparation Workers
Food preparation workers are usually employed in restaurants or cafeterias and work under the direction of chefs and kitchen managers. They mainly prepare cold dishes, such as salads, and also slice meats, fruits, and vegetables. They might also prepare coffee or tea, or work on other similar tasks. They weigh and measure ingredients, prepare condiments, and mix ingredients. They also help organize food for storage, monitor food items’ temperatures, and help keep the kitchen areas clean. There are no formal education requirements to be an employee in this field, and most people simply receive some brief training once they are hired. If you work as a food preparation worker your salary will vary some according to the industry in which you work, but the average hourly wage is $9.28.
Cashiers work at retailers and in convenience stores and are primarily responsible for taking payments from customers. Their responsibilities include greeting customers, ringing up their items, taking cash or credit card payments, and wrapping or bagging customers’ merchandise. They might also have to process exchanges or returns if a customer is unsatisfied. Cashiers must be knowledgeable about their store and answer questions or explain store policies. They might also have other duties, such as counting how much money is in the register before and after their shift. Like bartenders, they sometimes have to check customers’ IDs, such as when selling tobacco or alcohol products. If you want to be a cashier, you can do so even if you don’t have a high school diploma. Cashiers make an average of $9.12 an hour, although their salary ranges from $7.89 or less to over $13.20.

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