Jobs related to acting

In case you decide that acting isn’t for you, consider if you have the skills, training, and talent to be a musician, producer/director, or dancer/choreographer.

Musicians and Singers

Musicians and singers either play musical instruments or sing, or both, in front of live audiences. They also record their songs in studios in order to make albums. They work in many different genres, such as pop, hip hop, jazz, rock, and classical music. Some musicians, especially when first starting out, have to audition for spots in bands and other music groups. In order to be successful as a musician and/or singer, you will have to practice for many hours a day in order to improve your skills – especially if you hope to one day become famous for your talents. You might rehearse songs as well as dance choreography or other performance elements before you go on stage at concerts. You might have to spend time finding places to perform, or you might be able to hire a manager who will take charge of booking venues for you. In order to be successful you will have to spend time promoting yourself, which might mean creating a website, doing interviews, or posing at photo shoots. You may have to travel long distances, and even go abroad, to perform at different locations. Some musicians and singers have a bachelor’s degree in music or music theory, although there is no formal postsecondary education requirement. The average salary for a musician is about $23 an hour, although very famous singers make substantially more than that.

Producers and Directors

Producers and directors create movies, TV shows, and staged theatrical performances by helping to bring a writer’s script to life. Directors control the creative decisions of a performance, such as by helping actors figure out how to portray their lines and by controlling the costume design, props, and location selection, among other things. Producers take control of the administrative aspects of a shoot, such as by managing the budget and other business decisions. They raise money, hire the director, help select cast members, and oversee any major changes to the script, location, or other aspects of the project. To work in either one of these career fields you need a bachelor’s degree plus a few years of experience in the industry, either by working as a writer, actor, film editor, or in a similar occupation. The average salary for people in this profession is around $71,000. Some producers and directors are paid a percentage of ticket sales, which means there is less of a cap on earning potential. A few very successful, famous directors and producers make a very large amount of money, but this is rare.

Dancers and Choreographers

Choreographers come up with original dances, or make modifications to existing dances through a different interpretation. Dancers are the ones who perform these dances as a part of dance companies or theater troupes, or in front of the camera for a movie or TV show. Dancers have to audition for different shows or dance companies, and then learn complex movements and rehearse for many hours a day. Choreographers come up with dances, choose the music, audition dancers, and assist with the other artistic components of a show. Although there is not always a specific education requirement for dancers, most professionals typically have many years of training – especially for ballet dancers. Some dancers and choreographers have bachelor’s or even master’s degrees in dance. The average salary for dancers is $14.16 an hour, and $18.33 for choreographers.



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