Jobs Similar to Interior Design


Most people who consider becoming interior designers are naturally artistic and have an innate sense of style and aesthetic. If you fit this description, you might also want to consider becoming an architect, art director, or graphic designer.


Architects create blueprints and plans for office buildings, houses, and other structures. They start out by meeting with clients to determine the scope of the project; estimate the materials, construction time, and different equipment they will need; and create teams of people to help them with the building plans. Architects often used CAD (computer-aided design) to help them draft plans for houses and offices and then come up with contract documents to give to contractors. They might also visit construction sites as the building is going on, manage contracts, and give presentations in order to earn new clients. Architects often collaborate with interior designers as well as with civil engineers, urban planners, and landscape architects. In order to be an architect you need at least a bachelor’s degree, although some earn a master’s degree. You could get the education to be an architectural drafter, however, in less time. Architects make an average of $73,090 a year.

Art Directors

Art directors help come up with the style and visual imagery for newspapers and magazines, product labels, and even film and television productions. They start out by figuring out how they want a concept to look visually; determine what elements of design they want to use (such as artwork or photographs); and then come up with the overall style for the advertising campaign, publication, or movie set. They also supervise employees who work on their artistic teams, approve designs or style choices from others, and consult with clients about their artistic approaches. They are also responsible for developing budget plans, staying on schedule, and getting clients to approve their designs. There are three main areas in which an art director can work: advertising and public relations, film production; and publishing. To work in this field you typically need a bachelor’s degree and a few years of work experience in an artistic field. They make an average of $80,880 a year.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers use drawing tools and computer programs to come up with designs for websites, advertisements, magazines, other publications, and company reports. They start by meeting with clients to discuss their needs for the project, advising clients about how to reach a certain demographic, and deciding what kind of message to communicate with the graphic design. They then create images to convey that message and develop the graphics by selecting colors, layouts, and styles. They then run their ideas by an art director or take them directly to the client, make any necessary changes, and double-check their work for errors before publishing it. Most graphic designers have a bachelor’s degree, although some only have an associate’s degree or go through technical training. If you were to become a graphic designer your average salary would be $44,150 a year.



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