Jobs Similar to Truck Drivers


If you are considering becoming a truck driver but are not sure if you should go to truck driving school or not, you may want to consider these other careers as well. Although these occupations, which are similar to truck driving, will earn you less money, they all require less training as well.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers are similar to truck drivers in that they deliver goods to different areas. Delivery drivers, however, tend to drive smaller trucks and travel within a smaller region. These are the people who pick up your packages from distribution centers and deliver them to your home or office. Their responsibilities include loading and unloading goods, reporting any problems or incidents they run into on the road, and keeping all trucks and equipment clean. They are also expected to report mechanical errors, handle paperwork, accept payment for the shipments they deliver, and follow all traffic laws while on the road. Their average salary is about $29,390 a year, less than truck drivers. However, you can become a truck driver with nothing more than a high school diploma and about a month of on-the-job training.

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers are similar to truck drivers in that they transport cargo from place to place, but the main difference is that bus drivers’ cargo is made up of not goods, but people. Bus drivers often drive regular routes that may take them around a city or across state lines. Some bus drivers take people on sightseeing tours, and others drive children to school in the morning. Still others work as part of the public transportation system in major cities and transport people to many different bus stops. Their job responsibilities include doing basic maintenance on the bus, obeying traffic laws, keeping the bus clean, picking up and dropping off passengers at the appropriate locations, and informing passengers of delays. The average salary for a bus driver is about $29,550 a year, and you could find work in this occupation by obtaining a commercial driver’s license and completing a one to three month training program.

Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs

Taxi drivers are similar to bus drivers in that they transport people from place to place, taking passengers home, or to work, or to the airport. It is important that they understand the geography of a city very well and know the best route to take to get from point A to point B. Their job responsibilities include performing basic maintenance on their car and checking it for problems, keeping their car clean, and getting gas when necessary. When they pick up passengers they may need to operate wheel chair lifts or help them load luggage into the car. While driving they are to obey traffic laws and record how many miles they are traveling. When they drop passengers off they may need to help them unload luggage, and they also collect the appropriate fare and provide the person or people with a receipt. On average, taxi drivers earn about $22,820 annually. You don’t need to have any minimum education level to be a chauffeur or taxi driver, but you will typically go through some amount of job-specific training and may need to get a special license.



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