Join the Nail Craze

The media has always covered the latest fashion and beauty trends. From heels to designer sunglasses, popular designs and celebrity approved items are buzzed about whether on TV or in magazines. We often see these trends kick off on a fashion week runway, translate to celebrities in daily life or on the red carpet, only to end up in our homes and on our bodies. Lately though another category has made a name for itself among all the clothes, makeup, and shoes. Nails, be it either a mani or pedi, are a craze that only seems to skyrocket in popularity ever since it burst onto the scene a couple years ago.
Now you don’t paint only to cover up plain or unsightly nails, nails have become a crucial accessory for the fashion elite and a new habitual beauty practice for the rest of us. With nail art kits, design pens, and stencils, the options are endless when deciding which look to go with. Do you like zig zags, stripes, diamonds, or cracked look? No matter what your favorite is there are magazine articles and online tutorials galore to master your new fashion staple.
Nails have gotten so much attention that now on the red carpet celebrities aren’t only asked who designed their dress, but also who did their manicure! Although your nails may not get the attention of millions of people, a cool mani or pedi is a great way to add creativity or stay on trend with your look.
If you want to stay simple, go for a nude or pastel color. These colors have become increasingly popular and will give you a look that is on trend while also clean and safe for the office. If you love to experiment, try out a fun design like mini tuxedos for a fancy night or an ombre for the beach. If you aren’t a skilled artist, but still want to have some fun with your nails, then paint your index finger a different color than the rest. This is easy to do, yet still gives you some uniqueness.
No matter how you style the rest of your look make sure your fingers and toes join in on the fun too. With so many options you can always find the right way to be polished.

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