I want to be more than friends

You and your guy friend have been hanging out all semester. He’s funny, sweet and charming. And oh yeah, you have been harboring a giant crush on him since day one! It’s been hard being the girl he talks to about his girl problems, hasn’t it? But good news — he’s recently broken up with his latest fling and you sense the time is right to take your relationship to the next level. How to? Read on.
1) Be mysterious – If it’s too late to wear a cloak of mystery because you and this guy have been friends for a while now and have shared a lot, don’t despair. Start reeling it in a little at a time. Don’t tell him where you and your BFFs are headed out this Saturday night. Don’t answer every text. Don’t evade or lie, of course, but be a little choosier with the info you share. Trust us, it will get his attention. He’ll want to know what’s up and will start looking at you in a different light.

2) Talk to him about other men – It’s time to turn the tables on him and see how he responds. Casually mention that new transfer student in Anthropology. Ask him if any of his friends are single and looking to date. In general, let him know that you are attracted to and attractive to other men in his sphere. This will bring out the territorial side of men and make him give you and your relationship another look.

3) Allow yourself an out – Okay, you’ve followed the first two steps and your potential paramour has expressed openness to the idea of something more romantic between you two. You thought you would die to hear those words, but something’s off. Don’t rush into anything before you’ve had a little time to think this through. What if you are just meant to be friends with this guy after all? Nothing wrong with that! You already have a solid friendship and it will only get stronger.

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