Keep an Open Mind

Colt Cupit is a second year student at the University of Tennessee. Originally from Hendersonville, TN there has always been an affluence for math and science in his studies. In 2013 he graduated from Hendersonville High School with a GPA of 3.8 and an ACT composite of 32. Now in the Chancellor Honors Program for Nuclear Engineering, Colt spends his days studying physics and chemistry. Although school is of utmost importance he also has a deep passion for music and art and spends free time attending local concerts and conventions.

When it comes down to it, college is really all about learning. Of course you’re going to face tough homework assignments, brain-tingling projects, and tests that make you question your own sanity, but you’d be surprised how much you will learn that is completely unrelated to your course of studies. The trials of collegiate education are there to prepare you for life on your own, as an actual adult! The best advice I could give to someone just coming to school is to keep an open mind. This obviously applies to what major you’re going to choose, but many other things as well. You may be set on becoming a business student because your parents are pushing it, or you may want to be an engineer just because you are motivated by the difficulty, however remember that this choice will affect the path of life you set out upon so choose something that you truly feel is a part of who you are. There are many quotes by various intellectual minds regarding doing what you love over doing something for the money, and it’s true that you will be much happier if you stick to what makes you happy even when you don’t have money.
Just as important as keeping your mind open to choosing a major, it’s important to keep an open mind when you are growing up throughout your years earning your degree. College is a time of unforgettable experiences, ingrained memories, and most importantly lessons you will carry with you long after your days of listening to lectures are over. So, as you are learning and living throughout the episodes of education, don’t forget to really get into conversations with the thousands of people you’re going to meet. Don’t forget to shake those hands, flash those teeth, and carry a friendly attitude just as tightly as your calculator. You never know who you meet or what small event you decide to attend could lead you to where you’re headed in life. Get involved, try new things, and most importantly, have fun! Studies are obviously important, but being a college student really is an experience that will mold you into who you’re going to be so take advantage of the opportunity to test out new waters and really discover yourself.
Finally, if you’ve yet to choose a school, make sure to really weigh out your options. Staying at home can be the perfect fit, but you never know what incredible adventure could be awaiting you in an entirely new region and culture. Everywhere in the country has something unique to offer so really sit down and ask yourself what type of area do you want to grow as a member of the community? Evaluate the businesses nearby pertaining to your desired career as possible internship opportunities. Take advantage of all the information available today and really find a school and a location that is a fit for you, your parents, and most importantly of all factors, your future.

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