Dressing classy

The first day of class. You’ve been waiting for this day. Whom might you meet? Who might be your study partner? Who might be your future life companion? How might you leave a lasting impression? These are all things to ponder before you place your foot inside your first college classroom. However, one question conquers them all. What am I going to wear?

As appearance is often regarded as a focus in our adult lives, the first initial impression that you leave with your peers is crucial. No, I am not suggesting you pay hundreds of dollars for a tailored suit. However, you should consider dressing appropriately. Here are 5 things that should not be worn on your first day of school.

1. 1. Club/Bar Attire- That’s right ladies. No short dress with tons of glitter. No see-through pants or tops that reveal everything your creator created. No low-cut tops trying to show off your cleavage. Sure, everyone will be looking at you but they will only be staring at the “pieces” you are ever so presenting.

2. 2. High Heels- I get it. We love our heels. They are so cute and they often match our outfits. Have you walked to your classes before your first day? Did you notice any rocky path, or cracked pavements? Is it supposed to snow? Are your classes far away? And you want to encounter all of this in high heels? I advise you to be comfortable.

3. 3. Too Much Makeup- Not only is “caking it on” bad for your skin, but others around you can tell that you caked it on. You want to leave a good impression but don’t make it obvious that you were really trying to.

4. 4. Dirty, Smelly Clothing- If your peers are able to smell you before you enter the room, or they have moved away or passed out after you have sat by them there is a serious problem here. You have offended them with your odor. Luckily, there is a remedy to this. Please make sure you wash your clothes before your big day.

5. 5. A Bad Attitude- Life happens. We all know and understand this. But how you come off to your peers will last in their minds forever. There are some people I still don’t speak to even today because of how they spoke to me. I haven’t looked their way since.

Overall, just remember to dress for success. Keep it “classy” and you’ll never fail.

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