Sweat-Proof Your Style

Whether you are getting ready for summer or just a good workout, you can save yourself a beauty meltdown by planning ahead. If you are tired of melting makeup and frizzy hair, heat-proof your style so you can walk in the door looking as good as you did when you walked out.

Keep Smelling Sweet All Day

First off, if you normally use deodorant, it might be time to make the switch over to an antiperspirant. It is far more effect for keeping the sweat at bay. While some argue that it may have some side effects, dermatologists disagree so do what works for you unless your doctor has specifically recommended otherwise.

It might seem counterintuitive but you are actually better off to apply your antiperspirant at night. This give your skin ample time to absorb it and you won’t have to worry about white stains on your shirt.

If you know that you will be sweaty the next day, think outside the armpit! Antiperspirant is safe and effective for your entire body. Apply it on your feet, under your bra… anywhere you need a little extra sweat protection!

Get Your Body Beach Ready

When you are sweating a lot, you tend to break out more. Get ahead of breakouts and start using a salicylic-acid cleanser in shower. Add a light layer to areas that tend to have breakouts and let it soak in for a couple of minutes while you are in the shower.

During particularly hot days, you may be better off forgoing the body lotion too. It can affect your body’s ability to sweat evenly and cause you to be more uncomfortable.

If you aren’t feeling ready to flaunt your skin, go for a gradual self-tanning lotion. Building up your glow will prevent streaks and that terrible orange tinge.

Simplify Your Makeup

Forget about carrying powder with you all day. It’s just going to weigh your skin down. Look into a matte primer. There are great options with salicylic acid if you tend to breakout. Avoid thick foundations and stick with light coverage or just use a concealer.

If you want to add a pop of color use a waterproof eyeshadow or liner. Just a little bit of a bold shade will go a long way. Lip stains are also great and long-lasting if you want a more traditional look. Think about adding a bright shade to your nails too if you want to feel more done-up with minimal fuss.

Come Prepared

Forget about lugging a makeup bag around all day and just stick to the basics. On sunny days, it’s important to wear an SPF lip balm. Find a colored, moisturizing balm with SPF and you will have all of your bases covered in one easy step.

Sunscreen is critical for long days out. If you don’t like the goopy feel of lotion, look for powdered sunscreen. It’s especially great for areas like your neck and chest. Also, check out lower SPFs. Lotions with an SPF above 30 are rarely necessary and they tend to be thicker. Focus more on applying it regularly.

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