Keep Those Manis and Pedis Longer

Nothing makes you feel more like a girl than a fresh manicure or pedicure, am I right? There’s been so many recent advances in the nail world that it seems like we have more options than ever. Wouldn’t it be great if you can keep your professional manicure or pedicure for as long as possible?
Here are a few tips to maintain that just-walked-out-of-the-nail-salon look on your digits longer:
1) Wear dish gloves to wash dishes
I know dish gloves are not cute, but neither are dishpan hands. Exposure to water is the number one reason why your mani starts to chip and fade. Try and find a trendy or colorful pair and you’ll feel better wearing them.
2) Apply a clear coat every few days
You can help prevent the chips and increase nail strength by being your own manicurist. Invest in a quality clear top coat and dutifully apply it to your fingernails and toenails every two to three days. Not only will this extend the life of your mani and pedi, it will bolster the overall strength of your nails and make them look even glossier.
3) Opt for a natural look
Long, dark-colored nails are difficult to keep up. To avoid constant maintenance, wear a moderate length, no more than a little past your fingertips. Choose a shade in beige, pink or tan. Also go for a shimmery, not a flat or matte finish. This will wear more easily than red or anything “unnatural” such as black or blue.
Maybe in the future, beauty scientists will invent manicures and pedicures that last forever without damaging your nail bed (won’t that be great?) But until then, try the tips above to extend the life of your mani-pedi. You’ll be sure to look salon fresh longer.

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