Keep your head up

Maria Duenas is a sophomore in college studying radio and television broadcasting. Her dreams are to be an inspiring air personality and work her way up to television. She holds a passion for music and exploring the world. Business marketing was her first choice as a college major, but decided to study radio and television broadcasting due to her love of being able to communicate and meet different people. She enjoys motivating others and being a comedian. Her dream job is to work for one of the top radio stations as an air personality.

Hello, my name is Maria Duenas and I am sophomore at a community college who is getting ready to transfer to a four year university. It has been a ruff path after years of going back and forth since I was not sure what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Also having pressure from family can be tough especially because all they expect is good grades and don’t understand what you actually go through or face in college. College is a learning process where you are able to grow and take control of the path you want to take. Although it is not an easy process, it will all be worth it at the end.
My first year of college was extremely stressful because I felt confused and unaware of what I wanted to major in. My first thought was business because you make a lot of money in that type of industry so I started taking marketing classes that would pertain to that field. After one complete semester of studying business I didn’t feel happy with my decision. As a college student I felt the failure in me because everyone around me knew what their plans were and what paths to take. So I started seeing college counselors the following semester and they advised me to take counseling courses to help me figure out my dreams. Counseling courses helped me plan out my educational goal and look into majors. Much of the research I did at home and would follow up with my counselor. The help that I was receiving made me feel much better and inspired me to keep it up. Don’t let the feeling of failure or confusion ruin your goals remember that you are much better than that and keep your head high.
It’s a learning process don’t be afraid of mistakes no one is perfect. College will indeed help you discover your true passion. For example, my love for radio has pushed me closer to where I want to be as radio and television broadcasting student and hope to make it big in the industry. I have always said to myself, “I don’t want a boring office job where I have to sit in front of a computer all day. I want to get out there to explore and share my passion with others.” Remember don’t give up on your dreams trust your struggle. Do whatever it takes. Attending college can fully expand your awareness and lead you in right direction with the programs that it offers. It is easy to feel insecure or discouraged however it is normal because life never goes as we plan or how we predict it. Explore and be opened to new possibilities don’t drown by letting society deviate your choices.

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