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Helene, a native Australian has obtained a number of qualifications in hospitality and human resource management. After working in the industry for a number of years Helene has made the decision to go back to college and finish her teaching degree. Originally started as a hobby, Helene developed the blog as a creative outlet. Posting thoughts, tips, and musings on fashion, beauty and life Helene aims to inspire women to be the greatest self they can be.

Written By Helene, Listening to Lullabies

When you are single and sassy one thing is for sure – you want to get noticed. Whether you are in the bar or the club or just looking to pull for the night we all want to ensure that our signature style stays it’s best. Known for rocking a modern version of rockabilly hair and pinup makeup when I want to get dolled up I understand that my look is about maintenance. The humid atmosphere, eating, drinking, dancing up a storm, and socialising can all lead to necessary touch ups. Rolling off the back of 2014’s New Years Eve party I can safely say that I was well and truly prepared for all circumstances. A two hour pre party pamper session ensured that I was at the top of my game. The perfect outfit was selected, my shoes were comfortable and my hair and makeup had been carefully chosen. I had taken all of the precautions. Pinned and set my hair with copious amounts of my beloved Redkin hairspray, used primer, longwear foundation, powdered my face and sealed my final look with setting spray. Pre party preparation had truly kicked in! As a seasoned bar hopper and club kid I am not one to leave anything to chance. As the night rolls on you want to keep those signs of wear and tear to a minimum and this is where your clutch comes in handy.
Typically smaller than an everyday handbag clutches are the perfect size for an evening out. With a carefully selected arsenal of products you too can ensure that your signature look has the longevity to get you through to the night. My stash included Mac’s Studio Fix Foundation, Makeup Stores Blotting Sheets, Mac’s lip liner in Red, Mac’s Lipstick in Lady Danger, Mac’s Technakohl eyeliner in Graph Black, Chanel perfume tester in Chance, Compeed Blister Plasters, Tissues, E.S.K’s Emergency Sleep Over Kit, Apple IPhone 5s, Cash and my ID. Whether your look is minimal or more full face everyone can benefit from a few essentials. While my stash may have been Mac heavy pack your clutch with relevant staples to touch up your look. If you have anything in a sample or miniature size now is the best time to use it. After these key pieces have been selected take a minimalist approach and pack what I like to refer to as emergency essentials. These items may include Hollywood Fashion Tape, Bandaids, headache tablets, Colgate Wisp brushes, and anything else you deem necessary. While the above may seem like a lot on paper I am always amazed at the sheer amount of product a clutch can hold. After all it can never hurt to be prepared!
On your next night out ensure that your signature style is in check by keeping your stash on standby. Enjoy your night out ladies!

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