Keeping an Eye on A: How to Stay Motivated in School

Sure it seems easy at first: take a few courses, study hard, then go on to greatness with your top marks. But when it’s late at night and you have a deadline looming, suddenly the motivation to study can vanish. Don’t let distracting temptations and procrastination habits derail your journey to success. Keeping your motivation high is the secret to keeping your grades high as well.

Find a Motivating Peer Group

Your school friends can make or break your college career. Students who are happy getting a C average as long as they can get to the club every night are not going to help you stay motivated to be a high-achiever. Unfortunately, the wrong friends may need to make room for people who are more aligned with your objectives. If you can find a group of friends or an official study group who share your long-term goals, they will be much better suited to keeping you on track than a partying crowd. When you start to feel your motivation slipping away, a quick call to your study group can get you back on track. Remember; they may need you for the same reasons too.

Look at the Long View

Reading Shakespeare or doing math calculations may not have a direct connection to success in life. You may find yourself wondering what the point is of an assignment and who will really care if you get a good grade on it anyways. This type of thinking can hurt your motivation as it focuses on the present moment and not the future. Motivation requires you to always keep an eye on the end goal. In your case, this may be getting accepting into law school, landing a great entry-level job or achieving a promotion in your current job. A big success requires a lot of little steps. Remind yourself that your tedious homework assignment is one of those little steps that will eventually get you where you want to be.

Find a Success Story to Emulate

Do you dream of spending your life on a tropical island while building an internationally recognized business? Look to your own community to see who is the most recognized teacher in the local school system. Big or small, a good success story can help fire up a lagging motivation. Seek out a successful person and look at how hard they worked to get where they are now. If they have their own biography or have been featured in a magazine, keep a copy of their story in your workspace as a constant reminder to be the best student you can.

Even if the course you are currently studying does not directly relate to your future dream career, remember that good study habits will take you far in life, long after graduation day.

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