Keeping Fit Little by Little

It can be hard to stay in shape, especially if you’re working all day or less inclined to hit the gym. But when it comes to staying healthy, a little can go a long way. Finding time in your day to move your body can be easy and fun.

For example, you can take a walk if it’s nice out, or take the stairs. You can use canned goods to work out your arms or jog on the spot as you watch TV. You won’t even notice you’re doing it (especially if you’re watching something juicy).

Stretching is easy and very good for you. Stretch your arms and legs and rotate your hips a little in your room at night. If you add 5 push ups or sit ups to that, you’re not doing all that much and it’ll take only a couple minutes, but I promise, if you’re someone who doesn’t otherwise exercise, you’ll notice a big difference pretty quickly. It also helps to move things around in your body so you’ll feel less sore and stiff.

Turning on danceable music while you work or cook is another good way to trick yourself into exercising. One minute, you’re frying mushrooms, the next, you’re grooving. If the right song hits at the right time, you might even find yourself giving a full on dance routine for your neighbors. Whoops, don’t burn the mushrooms!

Exercising is all about making the choice to be a little more fit. Choose times when you can stand instead of sitting, when you can walk instead of taking the subway or a cab. Some of this may sound cliché, but the advice is good. It’s a way to incorporate a little extra health into your life without self flagellating for two hours to the voice of a sweaty, angry dingbat (or perfectly nice person who just happens to expect you to reach their level of fitness immediately). You might even find that, if you do all these things, your body will get stronger and you’ll start wanting to exercise for real. In the meantime, a stroll in the sun is good for your body and your mind, and hey, it’s spring!

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