Keeping in Touch While at College

At the beginning, keeping in touch with friends and family will be hard. Upon first arriving, you will be busy getting settled in your dorm. Then there will be the whirlwind of orientation and after parties. Then the first round of classes will start. You’ll also have to learn where everything is. Where is the dining hall, the laundry room, the gym, your class building, etc. High school friends that went off to college at the same time you did will be facing equal challenges. This will make it even harder to stay in touch with them, but you really need to put some effort into keeping in contact for the following reasons.
Call Your Parents Weekly
First let’s mention the parents. If you are the first child that is leaving the nest, your parents have double the anxiety of seeing their little girl fly off. It’s a first time experience for them too. That and a parent will never see you as anything but their child. This will probably be most annoying in your twenties, but in your thirties and beyond you will learn to appreciate that to someone out there, you stay eternally youthful. No one in the entire world will love you more and support you more than you parents. That includes best friends, boyfriends, and even future husbands. They just can’t love you the way a parent does. Cherish and appreciate that love. Respect it. Pick up the phone at the minimum once a week and tell your parents how you are doing. You don’t necessarily have to be 100% honest; after all they don’t want to hear how long you partied the night before. Keep it PG and just tell them you’re doing well. They will be extremely happy by the contact.
Call Your High School Friends Weekly
College is an exciting time of meeting new people and through these new people, gaining new experiences and fun. It’s easy to lay your high school friends to the side because you’re so busy and they are so busy. However, old friends are valuable, especially as you get older. They know you better than any other friend you’ll ever make from here forward, because they grew up with you. They’ve been in your childhood home and they’ve met and interacted with your family. They know you in and out. Catch up calls will be easy because you have to explain almost nothing to them, they know your life history already. With college friends you’ll have to repeat your life story so many times, you’ll want to gag.
Stay in Touch for Free
You’re a college student and that probably means that you don’t have a lot of extra cash to burn. Be smart about keeping in touch.

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